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Era of Legends:  Dragon Discord is a new mobile android and ios game. Welcome for the new Android video game, an infinite world filled with battles, wonders and exploration! Start Era of Legends Generator, and next select your course and join the WAR!


Era of Legends HackWhat do you need to know about ERA of LEGENDS?

You will have more fun with your buddies. If you want to choose one that suits your playing style, read about them and let us know what character you went for! Era of Legends has a huge fantasy world that will surely require a great period of exploration. The above requirements indicate that the game is currently the most suitable option with a beautiful 3D image system and many impressive fighting skills. It combines the best features of mobile games and key features of the best MMORPGs.

Essentially, you should be accurate in attacks and positioning, and watch out for many enemy attacks in PvP, because you will most likely be the target of a significant number. Boss battles are also not alien, because you can join forces with your allies and make long-term friendships. Similarly, you can generally influence more grounded rivals, regardless of the level at which you are.

In any case, players also experience a diversified character system with intense PVP challenges and a selection of attractive features that will make you play better. Amateur players are extremely competitive, ranking players who do not take money to play. In general, many non-endemic players are starting to pay attention “states Beck.

It is obvious that each class has its own well-defined function. So you should scientifically develop a character development strategy to raise the character’s level. You must use your skills at the right moments to go from the method of enemy attacks and make an effort not to fall too far behind your team. In the first location, this technique is completely protected.


Basic informations about Era of Legends and GAMEPLAY

You are completely free to choose your own path! The game is free, fast and simple. You will get a selection of 3v3 games along with 5v5 battles. In addition, there are a lot of features that can still keep the Magic Beasts game players that you can collect, help you in the battle or provide you with additional statistics. While playing in the age of legends, you can experience the best features of mobile games along with the quality of the MMORPG genre.


Era of Legends – Tutorial

Game Modes

  1. PvP arenas – catch flags or substances, battle 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 , show the world how actual smartphone warriors struggle! A group of racing adventurers will discover what things to occupy themselves with. Tactical extravaganza, beautiful design, along with an infinite stream of tales as well as memes!
  2. Dungeons and raids – The best way to put in hack cheats Era of Legends.


Courses in Era of Legends

There are many courses you may choose from such as:

  • Assassin: powerful single goal bursting abilities, does melee damage
  • Witch: summons creatures to combat and applies black harm and debuffs, has a substantial array
  • Shaman: This is the celebration healer and buffer, his abilities are ranged and possess an AoE
  • Mage: Has elevated AoE damage using a wide variety
  • Archer: quite quickly with their strikes and attacks, they could summon pets and possess a huge variety
  • Priest: powerful human goal heals, includes a top variety
  • Warrior: A great deal of protection and health issues, does Melee harm
  • Druid: a great deal of shield and health issues, can change and do Melee harm


Era of Legends
Era of Legends

Era of Legends – is it a scam?

The person can choose a random button to randomly select any character from the vote or to hunt for the character after the game. There are also various PvP modes for people who are itchy for perfect fit. For starters, the autoplay feature is completely turned off in the dungeon, which compels you to play the game. Against bossom, you will not notice significant damage inflicted in seconds, such as Killer, but instead you deal high and constant damage. You do not have to worry that your account will be banned. Hack is not detectable by the game and therefore you do not have to worry about bans.

Charming magic beasts in the android video game is going to assist you from the hardest struggles, heal your wounds, and raise your damage and shield. The planet is so enormous it is going to take some time to catch even in the elevation of a griffin flight. It’s the best place to explore unique landscapes, solve puzzles, hunt for hidden treasures alone or together with friends and family. Create your background.

Characters: warrior – shielding their allies or ravaging their enemies, warriors are constantly the frontline of any conflict. Shaman – utilize their soul affinity to cure allies and destroy enemies, and also to summon Exotic animals to help them in conflict. Mage – are experts of all components. Priest – may cure the direst of wounds and also bring back the dead to life. Wielding the power of the gods, priest are effective at inflicting enormous sacred damage as well. They could confuse their foes with powerful curses and summon powerful demons to help them. Their quick movement makes them ideal in striking enemy back lines. Their elevated defense and wellness makes them ideal at holding enemies.


Items Management and Cooperations

The same as in any MMORPGs if you move do some celebration cases and dungeons, even World Bosses, they’ll fall lots of awards. Well, these benefits are divided between each of the members of this party who struggled together, and that means you’ll have to roll the dice to get it. There’s the chance to become covetous (assert items on your own ) or move on the things to the members of your celebration, so if it’s no use for your course be generous and only allow the others possess it. It is better to talk with your comrades rather than keep everything yourself since there may be a thing that’s rather rare to discover and in the event that you can not utilize that, then it is a waste to have it.


Upgrade Your Abilities and Gear Regularly

You need to always maintain your skills upgraded in any way times, by doing you will take care of the enemies much, much simpler.
Today for your Secret Art, every character has six distinct Object Arts. Try them out on your own or see a few videos on Youtube and equip those that you enjoy the longer and match your play style .

Remember that the roughest ability might not always be the biggest of these, so once you select two you wish to maintain, try out various orders

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